ALDOT: Changes to Cherokee and Hampton Inn intersections to proceed



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459/Inverness Area

Interesting how all the egregious changes are for the Mountain Brook area. The plan barely touches the nightmare that starts at 459 and goes all the way to Lee Branch. There is already an access road on both sides that has MULTIPLE entrances and lights. It does not appear that ALDOT removed ANY of these ill-timed traffic signals!?

U-turns at Overton? Really? How are the people from Cherokee road going to merge over 3 lanes of non-stop traffic going uphill? Turn around at Hollywood Blvd. This is almost impossible currently. Drivers coming up from Mountain Brook village cannot be seen until they are almost at the exit as they are coming up a hill around a curve.

This is a terrible plan that is being rammed down our throats by ALDOT who does not want to listen to the people who live on and drive this stretch of road everyday.

MG more than 5 years ago

Frontage Road/Pump House cul de sac

This will force people living in the Dolly Ridge area to use Caldwell Mill Road instead of entering 280 at Dolly Ridge due to the extreme back-up in the morning. Also, there will be no way to access Rocky Ridge or Shades Crest without forcing us onto 280, which seem contrary to the project's intent. This project is all about 280, and not the municipalities and the people who live there.

Rod Harbin more than 5 years ago

HWY 280

One aspect that I thnk was given very brief attention is the 280 turnaround at the small shopping center at Wendy's.. Under the ALDOT plan, the signal there will be eliminated and all drivers wanting to drive East would have to exit out of the shopping center, drive just a block or two, and make a make a U-turn at Hollywood Blvd. Sounds simple, But Hollywood Blvd. is a very narrow road, and making a turn going to Homewood is tough even when the traffic is light. During the 5:00 rush hour, I think traffic there will back up tremendously and make that maneuver pretty much a nightmare.

Richard Goldstein more than 5 years ago


On a daily basis, I drive Cherokee Road from Mountian Brook toward Vestavia multiple times in a day in order to get my children to after school activities in Vestavia. I also use the left turn lane from Cherokee Road onto Hwy 280 almost every day. That stoplight is my only direct way out of my neighborhood. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??????

ALDOT is going to block off my access onto 280 even more and leave me driving through various neighborhoods to seek indirect access onto HWY 280. What about the increase in traffic through those neighborhoods? What about my increase in gas, my time but most importantly my families SAFETY?

What about me doing multiple U turns a day on Hwy 280 with 3 children in my car? This is not a compromise for those of us that live around Cherokee Road. You are trapping those of us that live in the area to search longer, residential means to get on Highway 280. There is a safer, more effective way to resolve this issue. You need to leave the traffic light at cherokee road and HWY 280. That intersection is a main artery for many of us. You created the traffic problem already on 280. There is another means YOU need to take, not my family and our safety. You are on the wrong path with the Cherokee Intersection.

K Long more than 5 years ago

July 2018

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