ALDOT releases proposed compromise on Cherokee Road, 280 intersection plan



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Cherokee Road - 280 Intersection

Here is something to consider concerning the proposed changes to the Cherokee Road – 280 intersection. Why not put the ALDOT proposal to a test before making any permanent changes? That is, use temporary means to block off the turns as currently proposed. Then we can see what happens to traffic. Like water, it has to eventually go somewhere so let’s see where the traffic goes. This will give everyone an opportunity to see for himself.

A test of the proposed changes will be much more accurate than traffic engineering theory might suggest. That will most likely avoid a major problem and save the money required to make the change and then reverse the change. What is there to lose by such a test?

David Phillips more than 5 years ago


What compromise? The original plan never called for closing of the Cherokee intersection. The article is misleading. From my perspective, all the new plan does is require Cherokee South residents to conduct their U-turns at Overton rather than the originally proposed, closer and more convenient cut through at the entryway of the water plant. Looks like ALDOT rewarded those complaining with a longer commute.

Tom smith more than 5 years ago

"Fly-Over" Better Solution

I believe the ADOT proposal will result in more problems and danger. The only action that makes sense is to have a "fly-over" like in Huntsville. The excuses that I have heard for not doing this is "too expensive" and/or "not enough right-of-way". A 'fly-over" should be less expensive and safer than an elevated highway as originally proposed. Doing nothing is better than the current proposal.

John A. Lyon, Jr. more than 5 years ago

Cherokee Road

This only works in the long run if you try to eliminate left turns BEGINNING with downtown Birmingham. Starting in the middle from downtown to RRRd doesn't make sense to me.

I haven't heard any plan for the lights at Office Park and at the Hampton Inn/Wendy's. Actually it would be easier to eliminate those lights immediately because they have two interchanges close-by at either end.

Eliminating all those sets of lights puts the first one at Rocky Ridge Road, and that's a good start toward I-459. What is the master plan, please?

Perry Grant more than 5 years ago

Proposed 280/cherokee road intersection

The Overton Road intersection was redesigned not too many years ago in an effort to reduce travel time on 280. Now you are going to redesign that intersection again?

Traffic wishing to turn toward town from SOuth Cherokee road and those coming from Vestavia who use Smyer Road will then have to turn East on 280, make a triple lane change and a u-turn. Even if the actual u-turn is protected, the triple lane change will not be. This seems extremely hazardous. The Smyer Road/Vestavia traffic may all use the Rocky Ridge intersection instead which is already a problem.

Has ALDOT looked farther down 280 where the real problems are? WHy not improve the frontage roads in front of the section of 280 from 459 to Doug Baker? This is where the most congestion occurs. This is the standstill section of 280 with light after light after light.

I do not believe the new proposal to be very different from the prior model and think ALDOT is focusing on the wrong section of 280.

Beverley Hoyt more than 5 years ago

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