Governor tells Council he will not concede on 280 intersection plans

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Death highway

I wonder how our Govenor will feel as the accidents start to happen. This plan is suicide for many .all the people who moved to Shelby County knew they had a long ride when they moved out there. They should have moved to Mt. Brook! This is totally unfair to our residents. I hope Bentley becomes a one term Govenor because of this and I will work hard for the person who opposes him even if he is a DEMOCRAT!

Rosemary S. Jäger more than 5 years ago

Hwy. 280/ALDOT

Surprise, surprise. ALDOT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the road builders. Do they care about Mtn. Brook residents, or any other residents for that matter?

They never have, and they never will.

Richard Goldstein more than 5 years ago


Clearly the governor has never traveled 280.

Lynn O'Neal more than 5 years ago

July 2018

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