City Council approves ordinance for short-term rentals



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The "claim" that short term rentals in Mtn. Brook are problem is comical. Whether we should or should not have them is a different issue, but the reasons people are suggesting this is a problem reveal a spectacular amount of ignorance.

There are less than 5 people in the whole city who are listing on Airbnb (and last time I checked it was 2 people). That not recognizing someone somehow translates into crime/fear is plain weird.

"Hey son, it's okay for you to go play basketball outside, that's just someone that wanted to visit our cool little corner of Alabama, just cause you don't recognize him doesn't mean he's dangerous."

So should we pass an ordinance to outlaw Halloween in Mtn. Brook - I mean if you want to get at the heart of "not recognizing people" in your neighbor just swing by Dexter next month. Most of them are dressed up like zombies which is way scarier than someone waiting on a Uber.

My neighbors son is home from college and has a friend staying with them for two weeks for an internship. It doesn't meet the 30 day minimum and I know there is money changing hands - is there a number I should call?

Cameron Page 246 days ago

June 2018

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