Proposed Highway 280 changes: Intersection breakdown



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Worst traffic relief ever.

Stuck on 280 traffic again. I commute to work SB when most people are headed home. 35 minute commute often takes me 90+ minutes. It's gotten worse since the changes! Typical.

Going to have to move to Shelby Co.

Jacob more than 4 years ago

Perimeter Park S and 280

Has anyone noticed that there is a left turn signal from Perimeter Park S turning onto 280 West, but there is no signal to stop the 280 West traffic? This is dangerous. I was caught unaware, and I was behind another car who also tried to use the turn signal, only to be left in the middle of 280 with nowhere to go.

Robin Washington more than 4 years ago

Overton Rd and 280

I note a traffic signal is up (but not yet functional) at Overton Road and 280. Is that part of this plan, or has just been determined, as a separate matter, that a light there is needed?

Dale more than 4 years ago

Auxiliary Lane - Cahaba River Firestation to I459

Our family had a recent idea about augmenting your plans. A large bottleneck to traffic is only 2 lanes west over I459 bridge. Could not an auxiliary or additional lane be created from the fire station just after the Cahaba River bridge all the way up to I459 to divert cars out of westbound traffic that are headed into Grandview, down into Colonnade or into the back way to Cahaba Heights and Sicard Hollow and onto the I459 bridge. There would only need to be a few minor fixes to accomplish this that are easily done it seems while you are at it.

Erik Schwiebert more than 4 years ago

Eliminating direct travel across?

Please reconsider many of these "eliminate direct travel across intersection" propositions. That's, quite honestly, stupid. Those of us who work on Inverness Parkway and Inverness Center Drive would love to travel across the intersection so that we can have a lunch at one of many eating establishments directly across the intersection. This would have a huge negative impact on the economy when you take measures to cut off hundreds of customers.

Erin more than 4 years ago

Safety and planning

As 280 developed, the opportunity for a sensible intersection at Rocky Ridge and Greenvalley was ignored. The land there was almost as easily convertible into an overpass like Cahaba Heights Road, or a simple cloveleaf. We watched in horror as that simple solution was ignored. Ditto, Cherokee Road. Please plan better. No one should die trying to use 280 without the current intersections because of poor planning. Thank you.

Peggy Carlisle more than 4 years ago

I'd make them live with it the way it is!

Every proposal is knocked down by these people and nothing ever gets done. There's always a bunch of folks who don't like this or that. The end result is wasted money on studies and plans. If you're waiting for approval from the public then you might as well give up on 280, because it's not going to happen. I've lived here all my life and am embarrassed by the lack of cooperation from the public sector on this serious issue. For my money, just leave it alone and let them wallow in it until traffic stops completely.

Tom Payne more than 5 years ago

Hwy 280 proposed changes

To Whom it may concern:
I appreciate the work you are trying to do to improve the traffic on Hwy 280 but I must object to the current proposed plans.
I have lived in the Birmingham area since 1974 and have watched the sprawl and poor planning around the residential and commercial developments on Highway 280. While these developments are lovely and extremely nice, no thought was given to the traffic consequences when they were planned. Now, that there is this problem ALDOT wants to ask families with children who live near the road to cross 280 to get to school to make u turns on the busiest road in Alabama! To have families do that is certainly a death waiting to happen and will even cause more congestion on the road. Many of the houses located along Hwy 280 and north of Hwy 459 were built over 40 to 80 years ago, long before the development south of Hwy 459. These families made the decisions to stay closer to Birmingham's city center and not drive for miles and extra time for a larger newer house. Commuters time on the road is s
Certainly important but over safety, it is crazy. I understand the frustration of the delays of congested traffic. But, many of these commuters understood the long commute time when they purchased their homes south of Hwy 459. The residents who live north of Hwy 459 did not expect these unsafe and damaging changes to their neighborhoods. They deserve the right to be safe.
I have never understood why the State, ALDOT has not looked into improving the parallel routes to Hwy 280 giving commuters better alternative routes. Why not improve and enlarge Grants Mill Road and Caldwell Mill Road instead. I am sure if these roads were easier to travel more commuters would take advantage of these alternative routes. This would shorten commute times for all three roads. It may be more expensive but would help keep all the travelers on Hwy 280 safe.
Thank you for considering my thoughts. I hope that you all can find options other than removing the traffic lights for the current situation on Hwy 280.
Antoinette Flowers

Antoinette Flowers more than 5 years ago

HIGHWAY 280 - Proposed Changes

As a resident of Birmingham, more specifically Mountain Brook, who travels Hwy 280 frequently, I appreciate ALDOT's efforts to find a solution to the traffic congestion experienced along that route. However by eliminating certain traffic lights and forcing U-turn situations - specifcally at Cherokee Road - this will open up the very real possibility of fatal accidents as cars will be turning onto a highway where the average rate of speed is 55 mph.

Additionally, the plan will cause stress and added congestion along intersections where cars will exit in order to make a U-turn, such as Mountain Brook Pkwy/Lakeshore, where cars can exit from 280W and get back on to travel East.

The residents of Mountain Brook are not just fearful and concerned about our citizens and children, but for all who travel Hwy 280 into Birmingham from Shelby County.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Jackie Woodall more than 5 years ago

January 2018

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