Crestline resident launches Healthy Travel magazine



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I have known Alison for many years. She is the a woman of great talent and passion for everything in her life. She is the most devoted mom and one of the hardest workers I know. She always has the most creative ideas, and I know she is on to great things. It's amazing the grace she has shown after her mother's death and thru so many huge life challenges. She always keeps an optimistic and loving attitude, and many of us should be so fortunate to be able to do that in tough times of life. GREAT article and she deserves the utmost success.

Nancy more than 5 years ago


The magazine is amazing! Alison is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I know. She is on to great things, and she is a wonderful consultant and speaker to any business. Birmingham is so lucky to have such a wonderful single mom with such great passion!

Amy more than 5 years ago

Alison is AMAZING!

What a great story and a great thing to happen to such a great lady! I love reading your articles and this new publication is exactly what I've been missing! Good luck!

Casey more than 5 years ago


Alison is the hardest work and most creative person I know. I am honored to call her a friend.

LIsa Palet more than 5 years ago

Alison Lewis

Alison is one dynamic lady, and a person we should watch closely! She's done an amazing job at launching a top tier publication. Crestline is lucky to have Alison and her family as residents. We applaud Alison and all her accomplishments in the world of travel, healthy living, publishing and as a MOM.

Norwood Smith more than 5 years ago