Crestline Elementary School presents first Jerome Lewis Legacy Award



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Congratulations. What an honor ... and Mr. Jerome would be so proud.

T W 307 days ago

Jerome Lewis Award

So proud of you, Sandy. You've always been an encourager. Keep doing what you do best. My love and congratulations are with you.

vicky Davis 322 days ago

Message from. Your father

Sandy you made your parents very proud and held there heads high from your childhood tell now. And more years to come. I ask God to keep his blessings for this humble family. And ask him bless the four angels. Micheal, George,Isabella, Victoria. They are the Great . One of the kind. ❤️ You all, Your father.

Ibrahim deades 322 days ago

You are incredible,amazing

Very proud of you , love you !!!!

Sabah deades 323 days ago

Your our incredible,amazing!!!

Love you mom 323 days ago