Treading water



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Paige She's the best of the best

I'm very picky about another swimming teachers or swimming coaches

I want to be the best and only the best but one day I know I will find someone much better than me (coach Rafael) and yes I find a great friend, A great human being, A great swimming instructor and one of the greatest swimming coaches I ever met coach Paige

When I find out coach Paige will be on charge from the LJCC swim team to be honest I don't think she was to make it.

But know I eat every single words

She's develop two great swimmers who qualified to the 2016 Olympic trails and she's doing an amazing job with all new kids she's coaching now

I'm so proud to say coach Paige it's my friend, my co-worker, and best ever she's so dedicated to her kids and family

Coach Paige

Rafael Cadena more than 1 year ago

The person

She is not only a great swimmer and teacher--she is a wonderful daughter, wife and mother. She is a beautiful person inside and out!!!!

Harriet Gee more than 2 years ago