Fine Crafts Show

Layton Dudley

The 45th Annual Fine Crafts Show took place Nov. 11-12, 2017 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Over 50 Alabama artists had tables with art varying from pottery, jewelry, bags and leather goods. more



Photo courtesy of Alabama Designer Craftsmen.

More than 50 of Alabama’s best artisans will participate in the annual Fine Crafts Show — now in its 45th year — at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Nov. 11-12. more


Gallery 1930

Photo by Madoline Markham.

Alabama artist Arthur Price has generated a body of work to be unveiled exclusively at Gallery 1930 in English Village. more


Meredith Keith

Photo by Jeff Thompson.

Meredith Keith is the co-owner of Gallery 1931. more


0412 Viki Denaburg

Photo by Brittney Harrison.

A makeup artist and painter, Viki Denaburg has always followed her passions. more


0412 Lynn Briggs

Photo by Brittney Harrison.

Each year Lynn Briggs travels overseas to capture the beauty of old and new. more


0412 Mary Mellen

Photo by Brittney Harrison

In 2001 Mary Mellen came across her grandmother’s century-old sketch book and was forever changed. more


0412 Barclay Gresham

Photo by Brittney Harrison

Bluebirds, angels and steeples come off the canvas in Barclay Gresham’s work, thanks to her special homemade medium—beeswax. more

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