‘The biggest day in Smith’s history’



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An angel

I first met Mary Anne when she was a music teacher (to my kids and so many others) at Pilgrim. I became aware of her and Litt's hobby when they did a cross country trip in an antique car. I knew that she had opened her home to serve as a hospice for several family members. When I wrote my first book, she did a book signing for me. When I would get down in the dumps, I knew that Mary Anne's gentle words and touch would give me a boost. There must be hundreds of stories about Mary Anne's angelic manner. I just found out today that four days before I tripped on a sidewalk crack on Church Street, (resulting in a shattered elbow and 10 days of, hospitalization) I and so many others, lost our guardian angel. But just imagine how many of her old friends she is guarding in her new home -- and I'll bet they're giving her a grand tour and everyone there is giving her the loving welcome that she deserves. We, down here, will NEVER, ever forgot your joy and kindness and generous heart. (And thank you, Jim and Tammy for allowing us to have a place where we can go to honor her beautiful life.

Jackie Goldstein more than 1 year ago

Great News

So happy that you have made this decision Jim! I was so sorry to hear about your mother, but I am sure that she and your dad are smiling now that you and Tammie have changed your minds. Great news for the employees too!

Amy Goldstein Chauvin more than 1 year ago

So Thankful

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! What a blessing that Smith's will remain in the hands of the Glazner family. Mary Anne's passing was a devastating loss to so many of us in so many ways! For me, she was a classmate from West End High School where we graduated together in the class of May 1958. Working on class reunions with her brought us together after many years as close friends. And then there was the absolute joy of shopping in the delightful atmosphere of Smith's - what fun to pick out unique gifts for grandchildren and other family and friends with Mary Anne's help and the help of Jim and other long time employees. I have been so sad since Mary Anne's passing - miss her phone calls, talking 90 miles a minute, her prayers standing in the middle of the store. Thank you, Jim, for this decision. It makes this rainy day a sunshiny one. God Bless!

Carol (Carney) Dudley more than 1 year ago

God is good!

Well, I'm crying as I read this, while Irma rain is pouring down. I know your mom is smiling down!

Lois Razek more than 1 year ago


I asked Jim to hold me 2 pairs of the eclipse glasses because I was working and couldn't wait in line . He could have sold those 1000 times but trusted that I would pick them up before the store closed . I picked them up 15 minutes before the store closed . Jim was a man of his word and had them held for me . Thank you Jim !! Great store and great story !!

Jerry Ragusa more than 1 year ago

Mary Ann Glazner

I am so glad you are going to keep Smith's open. When I was a little girl, your mother taught me in Sunday School. I will never forget her. When I grew up and moved to Redmont Park, I discovered her one day at Smith's and she had not changed a bit. Smith's quickly became my favorite store to shop for unique and interesting things for my friends and family.
I love the store and I loved your mom. I will take my granddaughter there and show her first hand what a treasure your store is.

Bonnie Stroud more than 1 year ago


I love Smith's, but I also can't say enough good things about Tammy and Jim, they are smart, sweet, kind and knowledgeable in the medical field, make you feel important and relaxed and in good hands. I love to go see them. They are also great parents to there kids!

Sally Blalock more than 1 year ago

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