Mexican restaurant coming to English Village



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Second visit

Ate take-out there tonight, and everything was delicious. The guacamole was slightly chunky, not a green goo that is served in Mex places here. Delicious roast pork with pineapple in the tacos al pastor. We'll be regular customers.

Bill Keller more than 4 years ago

Second Chance

My friends and I went there one week after it opened on a Friday night. They were understaffed, so the service was horrible. Having worked in the restaurant industry before I knew that it wasn't our servers fault and let it slide. The menu looked great, so I was looking forward to the food. Unfortunately, the food was bad too. I ordered shrimp fajita's and there were pieces of COMPLETELY CHARRED steak and vegetables in it. My fiancé's food had some hair on it. Everyone's guacamole was brown on the outside, so it was obviously not fresh. Having worked in the industry I ALWAYS let stuff slide, but this night was so bad it was simply unacceptable. This was the first time I have EVER complained to the manager about the conditions. He was understanding and said that he was going to take 50% off of the bill. I thought this was generous and accepted. When he brought the checks, twenty minutes later, the orders were completely mixed up, so he had to go fix them. When he came back again, ten minutes later, the orders were correct but the "50%" he said he was going to take off was really 33%. At this point my friends and I just wanted to leave, and not wait another 10-20 mins to get the tickets back a THIRD time. So, we paid the bills and left.

This was obviously a horrible dinning experience, but I am going to give them a second chance because its so close to where I live.

Stephen more than 4 years ago

The food and service are FABULOUS!

We had the best time at La Catrina in English Village! The fish tacos are to die for and the decor definitely creates a great ambiance for an intimate gathering or large party. The outdoor seating is great with its own private patio and plenty of tables.

jennifer more than 4 years ago

The food is terrible

Do not spend your time or money at this estaishment- the food terrible, it's a shame because it would've been nice to have a good spot in English village

Preston more than 4 years ago

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