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Hwy. 280 changes

I have to admit, I was one who thought that the ALDOT changes on Hwy. 280 would be a disaster. I was wrong. As far as I can tell, the changes have mostly been positive as far as the Mtn. Brook area is concerned. I am concerned still how the businesses in Mtn. Brook Plaza will be affected. And I really have heard little about the businesses farther Eastward on Hwy. 280. But for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised.

Richard Goldstein more than 5 years ago

Yield sign at Overton Rd.

Clarification needed: driving westbound from Cahaba Village toward Overton Rd, are cars turning right onto Overton supposed to stay stopped until red light/arrow turns green, or are they allowed to turn if no one is turning left from 280 eastbound onto Overton? The Yield sign now seems to be an afterthought, given its position so far back from the initial right-turn spot.

Alleen Cater more than 5 years ago

VIllage Living

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