A more walkable Mountain Brook: Sidewalk Master Plan



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Brookwood Road

I was told a few years ago that Brookwood Road-between Crosshill and the Fire Station- was SOON to receive sidewalks. What has happened? I realize that 17 years ago, December of 1995, this was scheduled but some neighbors acted very ugly about it, and this area was scrapped. But please don't punish us for something that happened so long ago. WE need sidewalks so bad on our block. We have many young families, many grandparents with our grandchildren, walkers, runners, etc. and we really do not have a safe place to step off of the road for fire trucks and other traffic. If our block has sidewalks then we can tie into the City of Birmingham's sidewalks just beyond the fire station. Please reconsider this small, but important area in the sidewalk plan. Thank you so much!

Mariellan D. Morris more than 5 years ago

3500 and 3600 block of Brookwood Rd

I was at the meeting several years ago regarding the 3500 and 3600 blocks of Brookwood Road that would connect the sidewalks past Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church and the county one further down Brookwood Road also. I too am wondering when this is going to happen. We still have lots of walkers and runners in the road that would benefit greatly from the sidewalks. I'm wondering why it has been put on the back burner and am hoping that this area of need can be addressed and given attention to. It would also make it easier for this area of Brookwood to connect both to the high school sidewalks and the Cherokee Bend sidewalks. We would so appreciate this!

Miller Middlebrook more than 5 years ago

Brookwood Road

I agree! Sidewalks are very much needed. It is a project that has been put off for far too long.

William Morris more than 5 years ago


Agreed! Please put this section back on the master plan!

Rebecca more than 5 years ago

Brookwood Road

I agree! This needs to happen ASAP!!!

Patrick more than 5 years ago

Sidewalk Projects

When will Pine Ridge Road get a much needed sidewalk to provide essential safety for walkers?

Debra Windham more than 5 years ago

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