City hosts public information session for sidewalk plan



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Sidewalks for BAlmoral and Pine Crest

A lot of children could "safely" walk to school and to Mountain Brook Village if this was completed. We are very much walking neighborhood being between the villages, Jemison trail and MBEand cars are always swerving around strollers, dog walkers and runners. PLEASE PAVE SOON!!!

Casey Moore more than 1 year ago


Hoping the sidewalks include the first block of PINE CREST ROAD ......we have many kids riding bikes and walking to school and only have sidewalks on Montevallo which is too dangerous to ride a bike on in morning traffic. 28 kids to be exact only on our first block !!!! We are also a cut through street to CANTERBURY church and people speed down our street. Sidewalks will help us keep our children safe !

Ellen Faust more than 1 year ago


Is it too late to come by and see the sidewalk plans? We are so happy that the sidewalks are going in on Brookwood Road. We hope that the 3600 block of Brookwood will be in the near future. We have waited so long for them. Our short block would then connect to our fire station which would also enhance community with our First Responders like the Crestline community is able to have.

Mariellan Morris more than 1 year ago

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