City representatives discuss concerns with state legislators



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What I agree with...with exceptions.

REIT property tax evaluations - I agree that we have to get more aggressive, but I rather this be done non-legislative first. Maybe take it to the courts first, in order to get some precedent established. I would like this to be done this year.

General legislative priorities for 2018 - These line items about the budget and the prison system being done at the local level, I think, is the right call. However, Alabama is known to be Big Government and will do the, "more walls, my bars, and more guards" thing.

Sales tax simplification for online filers - I agree with the simplification of the Amazon tax. It's call NO tax. Done.

RSA pension system - I agree about changing the pension system at hand. End it. If people are living longer and can save longer, then employees can and should start their own 401K-like funding at the start of working for the City, Day One.

The rest - Meh.

Michael C more than 1 year ago