City set to approve $42.8M budget for 2019 fiscal year



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Heavy Commercial Truck Cut Thru

Could we station a MBPD officer on Old Leeds Road to monitor heavy commercial trucks cutting thru Mountain Brook, especially during morning rush hours? Typically they come from Irondale in thru OLR and cut onto Chrerokee Road to 280. Not sure if ANYTHING can legally be done to curtail or limit this but it is a problem for traffic and puts heavy wear/.tear on our narrow twisty roads. Just a thought!

Dr. Emery Cole 147 days ago

RFID kiosk can be extended

I think the RFID kiosk can be extended to meet the demands of renting out not just books but all form of media like HDDs, SSDs etc. Self-checkout outlets are getting popular around the globe as we speak. All you have to do is just stick a RFID tag inside or outside the book. It would look like something in this pic: <a href="">RFID book tag picture</a>

Sango M 154 days ago