Crestline Shell to potentially close



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So you have rented for 35 years and the owner is not placing the property on the market?

liz robertsin more than 4 years ago


So so sad. Love full service gas stations!

liz robertson more than 4 years ago

have nd doing business with. Good Luck!!

This is terribly depressing news. Another Crestline icon will be biting the dust??? Will Big Business continue to swallow up the Independant Businessman?? I've been going to Crestline Shell since I was a child. Mr. King and Jack and David treated everyone fairly with respect and kindness and honesty. They have always gone the extra mile and their dedication to having an honest upstanding business has always been a feather in Crestline's cap. I hope that there can be some kind of equitable arrangement that can be worked out so that Jack King who IS Crestline Shell will remain an anchor for all of us. Jack - you are one of the finest businessmen and all around genuine nice guys I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing and doing business with. Good Luck!!!

Renee more than 4 years ago

Nothing better than Hoover

Not to be a total Brooky but we have something no where else in the Birmingham area has, a tight community. Big business has taken almost all of our local stores. I know that they produce revenue and so on but so do the little stores. Hey Mountain Brook Chamber remember the community that you live in and serve. You have a service to your community and not your pockets and that's not just to them but everyone who lives in our community. I've lived here my entire life and to see icon after icon fold makes me sad. The personality of our villages and what makes Mountain Brook so unique is dying. Instead of a place where everyone knows your name, your a face with a credit card. I've always known Jack who always would poke his head in and say hello to my sister and I. Also if they close who are we going to call when our batteries die in the dead of winter? All those men are positive roll model and fantastic business men. Hopefully something can be done to save such a wonderful icon and business that has loyally served this community for the past 35 years.

Sarah Ricketts more than 4 years ago