Lane Parke continuing in 2nd phase construction



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Drugstore and Post Office

I am so disappointed that these two conveniences are no longer available in this area. In 2001 when I moved to my present home, these were two attractive conveniences that brought me here. I know many who feel the same way. Could Mr. Evans please address this issue?

Julia Pope 95 days ago

Drugstore? Post Office?

I have heard nothing about any effort Evson to bring either of these into this second phase since neither was included the first time around. I suspect they are asking too much rent! How about telling Evson that there needs to be both in a development of this size. They drove them out when the retail and living space was much smaller.

Adele Colvin 112 days ago

Agree with Adele...

Trying to bring back the post office is the least Evans could do to right wrongs done by this “community improvement”. Also, hoping they don’t touch Treadwells! It’s the only storefront with any character left!!

Kelt Higgins 112 days ago


This development was built without any concern for the community. Chain stores and restaurants are not appealing.

Margaret 95 days ago

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