Park study: Cahaba River Walk falling short



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Cahaba River Walk

Love this park! Great for walking and/or watching the river. See lots of people using it frequently.

Sue Dixon more than 1 year ago

Cahaba River Walk

The Cahaba River Walk is actually on Overton Road, where Oakdale and River Run Drive intersect it.

Ted Cook more than 1 year ago

Cahaba River Walk - it's home

I assume you are referring to the walk from Mountain Brook Elementary to Mt. Brook Parkway and all along the parkway. I LOVE THE WALK. It is shaded and enchanting. It is a good length (the part I walk is a 3 mile loop). The people on the walk are friendly and polite. The fauna and wildlife is attractive and engaging. I grew up on Guilford Road and this walk is where I played and explored as a child. It is home for me. PLEASE DO NOT ADD PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT> IT IS A BEAUTIFUL NATURE WALK. Quiet and peaceful!!!

Liz Saunders more than 1 year ago

Love Cahaba River Walk

The kids love getting in the water and playing and the park is very shaded. Perhaps some feel dissatisfied is the lack of playground equipment. We love going and like the fact the park is on our side of town.

Inge more than 1 year ago

Love Riverwalk Park

I ALWAYS feel bad upon departure from the park, but it's because I do NOT want to leave and go back to the real world! Please keep this beautiful piece of art open to the general public!

Eric Abts more than 1 year ago