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Or have they all been set up to fail?

They will do fine till you ask them to brake an automatic transmission car using the right foot braking method ( RFBM) that you have forced them to use. 7 cyclists/pedestrians will die today and every day. A Las Vegas massacre every 8 days. They will die because the car did not stop in time. They will die because the driver used the RFBM which we now know is too complicated to learn and retain, very inefficient requiring 40 feet more to stop at school yard speeds and subject to right foot pedal error (Pedal Misapplication). The scientific justification of RFBM is " That's the way it's always been taught". Of course the left foot braking method (LFBM) would solve these deaths but the boys in charge at NHTSA, GHSA and at the state level would have to give up their systemic belief in the male drivers RFBM rite of passage which says if you can't operate the gas and brake with your right foot you should be in the kitchen making cookies. In other words it's all the fault of the women drivers! The boys refuse to do a scientific study comparing the two braking methods because they know the "girly" LFBM will win but they have no scientific justification for sending these kids out to fail. See DOT HS 811 597, HS 812058 and 431. Was it driver error or the way we taught them to brake? All we are asking for is a scientific study. Trevor W. Frith leftfootbraking.org

Trevor W. Frith more than 1 year ago