2019 in Preview


Photo by Kamp Fender

One of the main assets set to be completed this year is the highly anticipated pedestrian bridge over Shades Creek in Jemison Park. Read more



Rendering courtesy of the city of Mountain Brook

The project is using federal money, which can add months and years to any timeline, and the proposed plan could impact many local entities. Read more



Photo by Kamp Fender

While Mountain Brook may be improving roads, bridges and sidewalks in the coming year, residents will see a good deal of work done through the Parks and Recreation Department, too. Read more

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Photo by Lexi Coon

GIS Manager Hunter Simmons said the initial redo of the website was proposed by Mayor Stewart Welch. Read more



Photo by Drew Young

Throughout 2019, Evans said, “there will be a lot of dirt work going on,” as crews bring in fill dirt to raise the second phase building pads by about two to three feet. Read more

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