Photo courtesy of The Exceptional Foundation.

The event began last year as a way to give dinner party attendees an understanding of what happens at the center on Oxmoor Road everyday. This year it is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 11 at The Country Club of Birmingham. Read more


Linda Dobbins Dance Studio

Photo by Jordan Hays.

Linda Dobbins, owner of Linda Dobbins Dance, has moved her studio to 12 Office Park Circle. Read more

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Otey's Fest (1 of 12).jpg

Photos by Jordan Hays

The festival featured performances from Hugh Rowe Thomas, The Hurlers, The Negotiators, Super T. Revue and Blues Old Stand headlining the event. See photos from the event. Read more


Dobbins Dance Studio Cookies

Photo by Jordan Hays

Dancers at Linda Dobbins Dance studio made more than 1,100 cookies for the members of the Mountain Brook Police Department in celebration of its second annual Patriotic Week. Read more


Now that its senior pastor has retired, Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church is reevaluating the goals and values of its congregation under the leadership of a transition pastor. Read more


Carol Ogle has found some people don’t realize how valuable their belongings are. She and Sharon Bewick, co-owners of Backstreet Treasures, collect an inventory of otherwise forgotten items to sell. Read more


Backstreet Treasures Owners

Photo by Jordan Hays.

Backstreet Treasures opened its doors in Mountain Brook Village on June 1. The 260-square-foot store is packed with antiques, collectables and unusual objects. Read more

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Charlie Vick won a 2015 Nissan Murano after he scored a hole-in-one on the 175 yard par 3 of the 11th hole during the 17th annual Mountain Brook Sports Corporation Charity Golf Tournament. Read more


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