Overbrook Road

The milling and paving phase of the turn lane project on Overbrook Road at Montevallo Road will begin Thursday, July 7 at 8:30 a.m. Read more


At its Aug. 24 meeting, the city council approved an agreement with the church for the project, subject to the city receiving right of access to the property. Read more


Canterbury United Methodist Church

Photo by Madoline Markham.

Walter Schoel of Schoel Engineering has proposed a drainage study of the area under Pine Crest Road through Canterbury United Methodist Church’s property. He presented the plan to the city council at its July 27 meeting. Read more


City Road Construction.jpg

By Keith McCoy

Milling on Montrose Road /Old Leeds Road and Mountain Park Drive will begin Friday. Milling has already been completed on Overbrook Road, and paving will begin there on Monday. Read more


The city is considering traffic improvements at Overbrook Road intersections around Mountain Brook Junior High School. Improvements to the Mountain Brook Parkway intersection are scheduled to move forward immediately. Read more

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