pedestrian crossings


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Andress.

A pedestrian bridge between Homewood and Mountain Brook is expected to see the start of construction within the next few months. Read more


VL CITY Council 9-24-2.jpg

Photos by Lexi Coon.

Council members accepted the recommendation to not pursue a new temporary pedestrian crossing on Montevallo Road near Lane Parke. Read more


Stefanie Davis noticed that kids would often fall on sidewalks walking home. She looked more into the issues, contacted with city and brought a group of neighbors to the meeting to speak for accommodating safety for children in the area. Read more


Cahaba River Walk Pedestrian Crossing Construction

Photo by Olivia Burton.

Construction crews began the installation of a new pedestrian crossing signal at the intersection of Overton Road and Oakdale Drive on Monday, June 15. It is scheduled for completion by Wednesday. Read more


Jemison Trail Pedestrian Crossing

Photo by Olivia Burton.

Pedestrians walking to and from Cahaba River Walk will soon be able to safely cross the busy intersection of Overton Road and Oakdale Drive with the installation of new pedestrian crossing signals. Read more

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A few of the triangular intersections near Mountain Brook Elementary could be improved with traffic signage in the future. Read more


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