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Photos courtesy of Phil Black.

While the three flights lasted a combined 19 hours, they marked only the beginning of a three-week journey from Sept. 29 to Oct. 20 that culminated in Black reaching Mount Everest base camp. Read more


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Photo by Lexi Coon.

Commission members said they would like more time to review the study regarding home sites with two or more lots, one of which is nonconforming. Read more


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Photo by Lexi Coon.

The commission recommended to council the approval of rezoning and the use of alternate exterior materials after review by Village Design Review. The Overton Condos are expected to go before Vestavia planning and zoning commission on Oct. 12. Read more


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Photo by Lexi Coon.

Although this was the third meeting that zoning along Pumphouse Road was discussed, no decisions were made, and the item was carried over to commission’s next agenda. Read more


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Photos by Lexi Coon.

A draft ordinance defining a short-term rental as anything less than 30 days and prohibiting short-term rentals in all residential districts will be presented during a public hearing at the next Planning Commission meeting on Aug. 7 at 5:30 p.m. Read more


Planning Commission Piggly Wiggly Vote

Photo by Madoline Markham.

The city council chambers overflowed capacity on Nov. 3 for a controversial discussion regarding plans for a new Piggly Wiggly on Vine Street in Crestline. The planning commission voted 4-3 to recommend plans for the store to the city council. Read more

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Piggly Wiggly Rendering

Rendering courtesy of Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, Inc.

Plans for a new Crestline Piggly Wiggly are before the city, but not all residents are supporting them in their current state. A plan to rezone property for the new store will be before the Planning Commission Monday, Nov. 3. Read more


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