Roundabout project


Rendering courtesy of the city of Mountain Brook

The project is using federal money, which can add months and years to any timeline, and the proposed plan could impact many local entities. Read more


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Lexi Coon.

While the modification remains as-is, Sain Associates will be conducting frequent traffic studies since the dynamic of Mountain Brook Village to help keep the conversation about the roundabouts project open. Read more


The hearing will take place during the city council meeting on Feb. 12. Read more


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Photo by Lexi Coon.

Council members approved the extension with the request to both beautify the barrier to match the city's aesthetics and improve signage to locate shops along Canterbury Road. Read more


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Photo by Lexi Coon.

Phases two and three of the sidewalk project have been switched, and the city will be moving forward with the Canterbury Road closure traffic study. Council also approved a moratorium on new short-term rentals and new short-term rental reservations. Read more


City Road Mountain Brook VIllage 3

By Keith McCoy

The temporary road closure, which is necessary for the roundabout project, will serve as an assessment tool to see how the closure may impact traffic flow, operation and safety in the future. Read more


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Erica Techo

To help with traffic backup along the U.S. 280 exit ramp into Mountain Brook Village, Richard Caudle with Skipper Consulting suggesting optimizing current traffic signals, whose timing has crept up incrementally in recent years. Read more


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Photos by Lexi Coon.

Officials said they received positive comments at the public information session regarding the future roundabouts in Mountain Brook Village. Read more

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