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The city of Mountain Brook has set its budget at $40.5 million for fiscal year 2020. The budget received approval from the City Council at its Sept. 9 meeting and takes effect Oct. 1. Read more



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Three that have been in discussion since 2017 are the sidewalk system, the Jemison Trail bridge and the Canterbury Road closure. Read more

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Officials hope to have a better course of action regarding potential future sidewalks to the road after the preliminary engineering and drainage project from the residual APPLE grant funds. Read more


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Sonny Jones with Birmingham Water Works said for the project along the exit ramp to be fully completed, they need eight more weeks of dry weather. Read more


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The library renovations would be done in stages, the Locksley Drive sidewalk is slated to be placed on the side with the fire station, and nine other sections of roads are scheduled to be repaved in the upcoming year. Read more


City Council Oct 10

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The city of Mountain Brook made headway for Advance Planning Programming and Local Engineering sidewalk study, or APPLE study, and selected Sain Associates for project. Read more


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Sydney Cromwell

Notes from the March 28 city council meeting. Read more


Stefanie Davis noticed that kids would often fall on sidewalks walking home. She looked more into the issues, contacted with city and brought a group of neighbors to the meeting to speak for accommodating safety for children in the area. Read more


At its Aug. 24 meeting, the city council approved an agreement with the church for the project, subject to the city receiving right of access to the property. Read more


The Vine Street sidewalk would stretch 167 feet starting at Dexter Avenue and running to the alley between Dexter and Euclid Avenue. It will be discussed at the Aug. 10 city council meeting. Read more


Phase 9 of the city’s sidewalk master plan is set to begin this summer or fall. The most recent of the master plan’s 12 phases was completed in early 2014. Read more


0714 Mountain Brook sidewalks

Photo by Olivia Burton.

Phase 6 of the master plan’s 12 phases was completed in early 2014. Next on the list for the MBVWS is Phase 9, scheduled to begin in the spring or summer of 2015. Read more


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