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Iron Tribe Fitness, Crestline

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not sure

Sounds great but looks like only the rich can afford this gym...don't think middle to lower income folks will ever have access to it. I'll just stick to my $20 a month gym membership. I can motivate myself but I was hoping I would be able to get in for a while and learn the Olympic moves before safely doing it at my local gym since IM new to crossfit, but it's way to expensive. I hope they would come out with an intro class to properly execute the moves for those who want to do it at home at an affordable price and doesn't require a 3 month contract.

d more than 5 years ago

Rich people gym

I completely agree with the above review. I recently went into an Iron Tribe in Birmingham, AL back in November passing through on vacation and was blown away by how much of a “globo gym” this resembled minus the machines. Reminded me of a small room inside a mini Urban Active or LA Fitness. Coming from a well established, name known around the world, Crossfit box, I feel they are trying to be like a Crossfit gym for the rich people and forgetting the actual historic meaning behind Crossfit. You walk in and all the coaches and other so called coaches wearing probably high priced, iron creased, athletic polo shirts and slacks some with dress shoes on. Then they have all these supplements stacked on shelves that are all fancy shelves, and a cooler with pre made meals and energy drinks. Really? your that lazy you have to rely on other ppl to make your food? and choose what you eat? Am I at Urban Active? Only thing missing is the smoothie bar. Do you see Crossfit HQs out here doing anything like this. Hell No. From reading other reviews about ITF it seems like they wanted to change the name of Crossfit to get people back into fitness by not being scared off by the movements that are performed in a Crossfit Workout. This is why we Americans are spoiled and lazy and act the way they do(Arrogant and do it for me attitude). I feel these people are in it for the MONEY and not changing lives and turning Crossfit back into the whole “globo gym” by using Crossfit style workouts

Zack more than 4 years ago

review cont.

review continued....Theres more to life than being millionaires and arrogant rich people. Notice they don’t mention their membership price on their website because its outrageously expensive +250/month. Isn’t that a car payment? I pulled up to the gym and most of the cars were like Jaguars, Audis, and Range Rovers and other fancy cars parked in the lot like you see at Urban Active or Golds Gym or even a gym in Miami haha. On your website its like you guys want to be famous business people or something by your TribeTV on your website haha? What? Fancy suits, a red carpet, and cocktails? What the hell is this the Donald Trump Crossfit gym? Your Facebook page photos show it all. The conferences are probably not focused on improving coaching skills, but how they your gonna make more MONEY. Pretty funny stuff. Since when was Crossfit all about becoming millionaires and entrepreneurs? Guess they want to be millonaires rather than being in the best shape of their life? Crossfit isn’t about becoming WEALTHY instead its about being HEALTHY and FIT hence the name. Some of the people that were there the night I went, which was a few weeks ago, were very arrogant I stood there in my own world before someone actually came to me and had the facial expression like why are you here. That's not Crossfit. It’s awesome you guys wanna get people back into fitness the best way possible but to take Crossfit and promote it into something that Crossfit isn’t meant out to be is just saddening. Its about bringing back how our ancestors in the Paleolithic era stayed active and fit(which didn't have fancy chrome everything gyms). You don’t need all this extremely fancy extras in your gyms to perform a workout. Use your garage, invite people over. Look at Rich Froning and other athletes they do it all the time. After watching the video on how Iron Tribe started seems like it was in a garage and then they wanted to become rich so you guys started opening gyms and to do it for the Fame and Money. Go to an actual Crossfit box and I guarantee you won't see half this unnecessary stuff, rather you will see more rustic and legit equipment, feel more welcomed, become really good friends with different members, coaches and even the owners and will be pushed beyond your limits and to limits you didn’t think you could reach and actually understand what life is really like when your not handed everything in a fancy way. I know I wouldn’t wanna pay $250+ when I could pay $60 to $105 and still get the same camaraderie, coaching, and training I need. It’s all about helping one another during workouts and the camaraderie but also individual goals, what do you want out of your workout and life, Not making money off people to become some type of famous entrepreneur like Richard Branson just to get people to workout.

Zack more than 4 years ago

July 2018