Canine cancer: ‘It’s not a death sentence’



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Hey Suzie! That is wonderful that you are a sarcoma survivor, congrats! Mulligan's cancer was a synovial cell sarcoma which is actually an extremely rare cancer..... in both humans and dogs. That made everything even trickier since they didn't have a lot of research to base everything off of. All of his doctors are pretty shocked that not only is he still with us but that he is thriving! We are extremely lucky!

Casey 322 days ago

Also human cancer

Readers should know that sarcoma is the most common cancer in dogs, but that there are different types of sarcoma. Sarcoma in dogs is pretty much the same as sarcoma in humans. Some veterinarians collaborate with MDs on sarcoma research. It's called "comparative oncology." I'm a sarcoma survivor who wrote this: A friend runs the Hank Kabel Sarcoma Foundation at

Suzie Siegel 326 days ago