CVS to open in former Crestline Piggly Wiggly space



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Cvs is lying to us !

I changed my prescriptions from this store many years ago ! I went to rite aid ( in mb village-now Montclair) but hated dealing with
them! The pharmacist wasn't nearly as " helpful" IMHO or as knowledgable, still I had no issue with going in the store for other things, it's always had more employees than shoppers! They probably think the new location will have more customers- it's obviously more desirable IMHO- but this is the true test of is that tried to " save the pig" ! I will not go into ANY cvs for any reason after this! To insinuate they only made this decision " last week" is insulting to our intelligence! Last summer/fall it was already common knowledge a cvs was going to move in!! It's no SURPRISE! Also the landlord should be ashamed ignoring residents outcry! I'd hope any business that can avoid the Scott company will do so bc of their deplorable behavior ( in OUR pro pig opinion!) we needs a grocery store, even if the pig HAD to close and it was bad business to move into the pigs bldg! I hope all the FB save the pig people will not give in to boycotting CVS-

Ali more than 4 years ago


What a bunch of public relations hogwash. It's a free country, Do what you want. But I will never step foot in Crestline CVS, or any CVS now for that matter. Looking at the Save the Pic Facebook page and its 5,000+ likes, I imagine 1,000's feel the same as me. Thank you Scott and Scott and CVS for destroying the self-sufficiency of the neighborhood as well as the net 25+ jobs Piggly Wiggly provided.

SK more than 4 years ago


It is always very, very bad policy to open a store on a lie...and one people won't forget for a long time. Remember when the CVS manager was asked if they were taking the spot where the Pig was? No, no, no! CVS will never get my business. The man who owns the buildings had better remember that money CANNOT buy you respect and he has lost all respect!

Gail Clark more than 4 years ago


What a shame for Crestline! Entering the village from the Montclair side, one will be greeted by a big corporate drugstore. And this in a village that has two independent drugstores. We are so lucky to have Harbin's and Crestline Pharmacy, two gems that will cater to your every need and deliver prescriptions to your door. Why would anyone in this area want to go to a CVS? If Scott and Scott had community interests at heart they would have gone to the Mountain Brook City Council to discuss the issue once negotiations with the Pig broke down. If the Council had the community's interest at heart they would have made sure this didn't happen. Shame on everyone involved in this debacle. I think the community will react by pouring their support into Harbin's and Crestline Pharmacy.

Lynn Carter more than 4 years ago


My husband and I both grew up in Mountain Brook. In fact, my husband worked at The Pig as a teenager. I also own a long standing business in Mountain Brook. Thank goodness Scott & Scott is not my landlord ! My landlord has been very gracious to me and also has the business sense and common sense to recognize that sometimes nostalgia, continuity, and the comfort of familiarity far outweigh the money in a renegotiation. The Pig was an institution in Crestline. If Scott & Scott had any business sense they would recognize the psychological ramifications this will have as to the way fellow Mountain Brook citizens view Scott & Scott business practices. It's all about making a buck for them. I hope it backfires and they learn their lesson.

Anonymous more than 4 years ago


We will probably get another useless, none tax revenue producing bank at the old location.

David more than 4 years ago


Obviously our community wants and supports a pharmacy in Crestline, apparently two pharmacies. Debbie May and her team of pharmacists are lovely: tactful, discreet and compassionate. However the CVS chain totally lacks the character and charm (just start with the name) that our community wants to foster to make out community more enjoyable AND enhance our property values. CVS taking center stage at the old Pig location is certainly disappointing.

Also obvious is the demand for a grocery store in Crestline. Is there anything the City of Mt. Brook can do to attract/facilitate this valuable community resource?

A neighbor more than 4 years ago

Old CVS Location

Any truth to the rumor that V. Richards may be moving into the old CVS location?

Curious more than 4 years ago


Agree with the below. This is nonsense. The idea that a national company like CVS will bring qualities like charm or community or even usefulness is insulting. How can any rational view contend that a community like Crestline needs multiple pharmacies, but no grocery store? And the Scott's lip service to supporting and growing the community is equally offensive. I'd be much more tolerant of the real rationale: we run a business, and we want to make money. Never going into the CVS again.

Crestline Citizen more than 4 years ago

Boycott CVS

Boycott CVS. They haven't "outgrown" their location on Church Street. The Pig got more business in a day than CVS did in a week. CVS was ruining the charm of Crestline Village where it was before, and now it's making it much worse. What a shame.

Anonymous more than 4 years ago


I have nothing

Lynn Weinberger more than 4 years ago

Crestline Pig to CVS

Village Living- Thanks for your continuing excellent reporting on this important community story, I'm a lifelong Pig shopper so I haven't liked anything about the Piggly Wiggly move, but I very much appreciate the way your publication has truly been my eyes and ears, keeping me posted throughout the course of events. Thanks for keeping local journalism going.

Melanie McCraney more than 4 years ago

VIllage Living

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