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Lane Parke plan

I am so thrilled and excited about the new development. My husband and I began our married life in Park Lane apts. 51 years ago, and I am eagerly awaiting returning there in the new luxury apts. We love the Village and can't think of a more wonderful place to spend our later years. Thanks to the developers and to the Evans family. Can't wait!

charlotte donald more than 6 years ago

Traffic/Parking Deck/Office/Commercial

How can a parking deck with 1200 parking spaces not add to the already bad traffic in MB Village? The only time on Montevallo Road you can get through the traffic light at Culver Road AND get through the light on Cahaba Road is Spring Break - when everyone is out of town. If the development requires this much parking, it is too big for MB Village. Solution: cut out the office/commercial space. Don't we already have Office Park?

Linda more than 6 years ago

Grocery Store

Just one question, how does one get to the proposed grocery store?

John more than 6 years ago

Bigger & better doesn't always work

I will go on record to be against this big developement, mainly because I feel the current apartments have provided much charm and plenty of memories and were well designed from the beginning. If this were England or other parts of Europe, it would be against the law to tear them down, for historical preservation reasons. I am not convinced that the new architecture will pan out as 'quality' as intended in these photos. Case in point, the new building which was put up in the circle which houses AVO and Dram is in my opinion not fitting and of much lower quality than the surroundin buildings and I fear the same will happen with this development. A bright spot has been the new bank across from Leaf and Petal which is quite a nice addition, but somehow I fear this new development will be modern with a nod to old architecture, and not well detailed or thought out. It seems a shame to tear down so much, displace so many, just for more tax base and flashy stores. Also, I am not convinced we are out of this economic mess yet, and if we do come out of it, people will not be buying as they were in the 90's and 2000's. If this developement fell on hard times, it could really be an eyesore we would have to live with for some time. How do we know that new water, pollution or traffic problems won't crop up that were not forseen because of a rush to get a new tax base and more shopping? The big problem for me is not a luddite fear of progress but, there is no real need for all this in this spot. I know the current apartments have structural problems and would cost money to fix, but the great mix that a lower income complex that fits so nicely in with the community provides is priceless. They fix all those ancient building in Europe over and over and it maintains the charm- cracks and all. I feel Mountain Brook would be better served declaring the apartments historical and leaving them alone. I think the shopping center could be reconfigured, rebuilt in a better style, even enlarged a bit but leave the majority of the property alone. I do live in the apartments, but I as well as everyone else including those elderly who have been there for 30-40 years are making plans to leave. I just don't understand the maddening desire to tear down and create bigger. Look what it has done to much of our town and other cities. I can imagine that if built they will come . . . at least for a few years. But a buried supermarket and Inn with no highway exposure in this city will die over time and there will probably come a time where there is just too much retail space to fill--which will lead to empty storefronts. This goes way beyond Village and becomes too much Village in one spot.----Thank you for giving me a voice, as unpoular as it probably is.

William more than 6 years ago

VIllage Living

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