Officials push safety as U.S. 280 changes take shape



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280 & Cherokee rd

This traffic light at the intersection of 280 & Cherokee Rd was there for a reason - SAFETY. There is a misconception that has been printed in several newspapers that states there are only three lanes to merge into to make the VTurn. There is no U at the three way intersection of Overton Rd and 280. First a driver coming from Cherokee Rd South must merge into the right turn lane, try to successfully cross three other travel lanes and cross the turn lane for Overton Rd and the sixth lane is our VTurn to turn left without hitting someone merging from Overton Rd. It is impossible to make a turn into the inside lane with a medium size car. Please help us in contacting the Governor and Mr. Cooper to request the traffice light be re-installed. The very few minuets that are saved in travel time to Shelby County is not worth something happening. There have already been three accidents at the VTurn.
Thank you and I enjoy your newpaper and appreciate what you do for our community.

Anita O'Neal more than 5 years ago

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