EOL movie on the lawn

The Emmet O'Neal library hosted a family movie night in preparation for back to school. Read more


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Submitted by Kathleen Woodry

On Sunday, Aug. 12, staff, teachers, students and families celebrated the start of a new school year with the annual Picnic in the Forest at BWF. Read more

Brookwood Forest

In August, new educators welcomed Cherokee Bend students to a brand new school year. Read more

Cherokee Bend

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Submitted by Alison Nesmith

The party is designated for every new student that comes to Crestline entering first through sixth grade. Read more

Crestline Elementary

The new sixth grade students at Crestline have geared up for a jam-packed school year. Read more

Crestline Elementary


Photo by Erica Techo.

For the second year in a row, the back-to-school tax-free weekend will take place in July. Read more



Staff photo.

As summer is winding down, the Emmet O’Neal Library together with the Junior Women’s of Committee of 100 will be hosting a back-to-school feature night on the lawn on Aug. 18 with a showing of “The LEGO Batman Movie.” Read more



Photo courtesy of Kathleen Woodry.

The halls of BWF were filled with excitement of the new school year with students, parents and teachers on Monday, August 8. Read more

Brookwood Forest

It’s that time of year again, time to pull out the backpacks, get haircuts, set up alarm clocks, and make 20 trips to Target because school is about to start, and Mom is on a mission. Read more

Kari Kampakis

Excited for a new school year, local students share their thoughts on what makes school great. Read more


The first day of school. It’s a new year with new classes, new teachers and new friends. Read more


​Alabama’s annual Back-to-School tax-free weekend will take place from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 7 to midnight on Sunday Aug. 9. Read more


While still making summer memories in the heat of August, students are also turning their attention to the upcoming school year. Read more

Mountain Brook Elementary

Students and families of BWF came out on a Sunday in September to celebrate the new school year and have fun on the Brookwood Forest Elementary fields and playground. Read more

Brookwood Forest

Two great activities for the students and families of Brookwood Forest Elementary took place in August. Read more

Brookwood Forest

Three new teachers joined the Crestline Elementary staff this year. Read more

Crestline Elementary

A newcomer’s and kindergarten party was held at Brookwood Forest Elementary before the start of the school year. Read more

Brookwood Forest

Crestline Elementary welcomed 30 new students this August. Read more

Crestline Elementary

Village Living caught up with a few Mountain Brook Elementary students this summer and asked them the same three questions. Read more

Mountain Brook Elementary

0714 back to school

Photo by Martha Thompson.

As the calendar turns from July to August, if you are anywhere from 5 to 25, just the words “back to school” are enough to flip your stomach. Read more

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