Photo by Ana Pridgen.

The city of Mountain Brook has set its budget at $40.5 million for fiscal year 2020. The budget received approval from the City Council at its Sept. 9 meeting and takes effect Oct. 1. Read more


City BOE building 2

By Keith McCoy

The school system's budget hearings will begin in September. Read more



Photo by Sarah Finnegan.

The capital funds will go toward a myriad of projects around Mountain Brook. Read more

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Photos by Lexi Coon.

Chief School Financial Officer Kari Austin said she expects the ending fund balance for FY18 to be “over the 15 million-mark.” Read more


VL CITY BudgetMeeting.jpg

Photo by Lexi Coon.

City Manager Sam Gaston described it as having “not a lot of frills,” but with some capital projects lined up as well as one new position. Read more


Barlow Sklar Budget Hearing

Photo by Madoline Markham.

Mountain Brook City Schools will have a smaller deficit in the budget this year than year. The Board of Education approved the FY 2016 budget at its Sept. 14 meeting. Read more


Crestline Equipment Yard

Photo by Madoline Markham.

The city addressed complaints from residents regarding leaf blowers and other noises during the April 27 city council meeting. Read more


The city can now proceed as planned with its budget for the 2015 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. Read more


City Council remains unchanged

Photo courtesy of the City of Mountain Brook.

In January, the City of Mountain Brook explored how similar communities deal with the issue of requiring residents to clean up after their pets. Read more


Cahaba River Park

Image courtesy of Nimrod Long and Associates.

The Parks and Recreation department is slated to receive more than $475,000 to develop Cahaba River Park, as well as fund other building expenses such as roofing the restroom entrance at Overton Park and studying lighting at athletic fields. Read more


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