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Photo by Erin Nelson.

What started out as a request for a can of paint turned into an $11,000 grant for two new sensory rooms at Cherokee Bend Elementary School. Read more

Cherokee Bend

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Photo by Sam Chandler.

The Mountain Brook school system has added three new administrators for the 2019-20 academic year. Read more


With the May passage of Senate Bill 177, sponsored by state Sen. Jabo Waggoner, Mountain Brook has gained approval to hold a citywide referendum that will determine if it raises its ad valorem property tax by 10 mills. Read more


Mountain Brook Junior High

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The Mountain Brook Board of Education met on May 20. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Kathleen Woodry

Brookwood Forest Elementary hosted the annual Forest Fling on May 3. Read more

Brookwood Forest


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As facilities of Mountain Brook Schools age and technology advances, the schools are looking for ways to take care of maintenance while providing students with the best learning environment possible. Read more


Fourth-graders at Crestline Elementary recently presented an Alabama Wax Museum of famous people from our state. Read more

Crestline Elementary

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Photo courtesy of Liz Estess

The first week of March, author and illustrator Kevin O'Malley entertained and educated the children K-6 of Brookwood Forest, Cherokee Bend and Mountain Brook Elementary for the 2019 Writers' Festival. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Kathleen Woodry

Sixth-graders at Brookwood Forest celebrated their learning of the 1950s decade by partaking in a decades day in their social studies class on April 5. Read more

Brookwood Forest

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Photo courtesy of Kathleen Woodry

As part of their social studies curriculum, the second-graders from Brookwood Forest studied the founding of our nation and the reasons for the Revolutionary War. Read more

Brookwood Forest

First-graders at Brookwood Forest Elementary planned and created their very own community, Marshmellowville. Read more

Brookwood Forest

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Photo courtesy of Alison Nesmith

Crestline Elementary offers “Exploration” where students spend 30 minutes a day for several weeks in a class based on their interest. Read more

Crestline Elementary


Photo by Lexi Coon.

School resource officers wear many hats to support students and faculty. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Kathleen Woodry

Mr. Travis Morgan's first-grade class at Brookwood Forest has a special partnership with some residents of Mount Royal Towers. Read more

Brookwood Forest

Crestline was so excited for the first time ever to have Cougar Confrence! The week was fantastic and was held Feb. 19-22. Read more

Crestline Elementary

Mountain Brook students won first place in the Perennial Math competition Jan. 26 for the fourth grade division. Read more


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Submitted by Kathleen Woodry

Sixth-grade students from Brookwood Forest Elementary recently participated in the Junior United Nations Assembly (JUNA) for Alabama students in grades six, seven and eight at Birmingham-Southern College. Read more

Brookwood Forest

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Submitted by Kathleen Woodry

On Friday, Feb. 1 Brookwood Forest fifth-graders dressed in their best colonial attire and celebrated the third annual fifth-grade Colonial Day. Read more

Brookwood Forest

Mountain Brook City Council

Photo by Sam Chandler

The Mountain Brook City Council on Monday voted unanimously to ask state legislators to call for a referendum to raise the ad valorem property tax by 10 mills. Read more

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Submitted by Kitty Rogers Brown

MBE thanks all of this year’s participants for their hard work and dedication to building their geography knowledge. Read more

Mountain Brook Elementary

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