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Photo by Ana Pridgen.

The city of Mountain Brook has set its budget at $40.5 million for fiscal year 2020. The budget received approval from the City Council at its Sept. 9 meeting and takes effect Oct. 1. Read more



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This June, City Manager Sam Gaston celebrated not his fifth or 10th anniversary, but his 25th. Read more


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While Sain Associates has an outline of the areas they would like to address, they will be taking comments and suggestions into account to review the drafts that were shown to the public on June 27. Read more

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(Stewart Welch)

The lifetime Mountain Brook resident specializes in wealth management and is a Certified Financial Planner. Read more


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Courtesy City of Mountain Brook.

After 15 years with the city of Mountain Brook, Doris Kenny will retire at the end of January. Read more


Doris Kenny

Ana Good

A summary of the Mountain Brook City Council meeting on Jan. 25. Read more


Doris Kenny

Photo courtesy of Mountain Brook

Doris Kenny will retire at the end of January. Read more


Rep. David Faulkner, who represents Mountain Brook, Homewood and Hoover, will introduce a bill regarding city council pay raises during the special session. Read more


With families staying longer in the neighborhood and larger homes replacing the more traditional cottage-style houses in Crestline, the area is losing its reputation as being almost exclusively for starter homes. Read more


0613 Sam Gaston

Photo by Brian Wallace.

Mountain Brook City Manager Sam Gaston will receive the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Academic Award this fall. Read more

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Mountain Brook Ice Bucket Challenge

Photo by Madoline Markham.

Five members of Mountain Brook city government joined the ranks of people taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Aug. 21. Read more


0312 Paving Motevallo

Photo by Allie Klaubert.

The newly approved list includes Pump House Road, Overton Road and Green Valley Road. Read more


The results revealed that the overall satisfaction with City services rated 41 percent above the national average. Read more


City Council remains unchanged

Photo courtesy of the City of Mountain Brook.

In January, the City of Mountain Brook explored how similar communities deal with the issue of requiring residents to clean up after their pets. Read more


The planning stages for Phase 9 of the Mountain Brook Sidewalk Master Plan are underway. Read more


Sam Gaston has served twenty years as the City's executive officer. Read more


Cahaba River Park

Image courtesy of Nimrod Long and Associates.

The City of Mountain Brook is planning a Cahaba River Park on Overton Road at Oakdale Drive near I-459. The 4.7- acre park will back up to the Cahaba River. Read more


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